Colorado State University

CIRA Carbon Research Group

This group at CIRA is dedicated to better understanding the carbon cycle, primarily through remote sensing measurements of carbon dioxide and methane. It consists of a dedicated group of full-time CIRA researchers, as well as students within CSU's department of atmospheric science.


Current Group Members

Chris O'Dell - CIRA Senior Research Scientist, Christopher.ODell at Colostate.Edu, CV

Tommy Taylor - CIRA Research Associate III, tommy at

David Baker - CIRA Reserach Scientist III, David.f.Baker at

Andrew Schuh- CIRA Research Scientist III, Andrew.Schuh at

Gregory McGarragh - CIRA Research Scientist II, Gregory.McGarragh at

Peter Somkuti CIRA Postdoctoral Research><

Emily Bell - CIRA Research Associate II, Emily.Ilene.Bell at

Heather Cronk - CIRA Research Associate III, Heather.Q.Cronk at

Group Alumni

Dr. Robert R. Nelson (PhD 2019), studied CO2 retrievals from OCO-2, now a research at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Andrew Manaster - (MSc 2016), studied cloud feedbacks in the climate system, now a researcher at Remote Sensing Systems in Santa Rosa, CA.

Michael Cheeseman (MSc 2018), now a PhD student at CSU studying satellite detection of air quality.

Hannakaisa Lindqvist - Former Postdoc (2014-2015). Currently a researcher at the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Igor Polonsky - Former Research Scientist III. Currently a research at Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER). ipolonsky at

Denis O'Brien - Former CIRA Senior Research Scientist. Currently lives in Australia and still works actively in the field of greenhouse gas remote sensing. Denis.OBrien at


CIRA Carbon Group in summer 2017

Chris O'Dell Research Group 2017

Back row from left: Heather Cronk, Chris O'Dell, Emily Bell, and Michael Cheeseman

Front row: David Baker, Tommy Taylor, Andrew Schuh, and Rob Nelson


Carbon Group in summer 2014

Chris O'Dell Research Group 2014

List of people (left to right): Michael Cheeseman, Andrew Schuh, Andy Manaster, Robert Nelson, Chris O'Dell, Tommy Taylor, and Hannakaisa Lindqvist


O'Dell Group in 2012

Chris O'Dell Research Group 2012

List of people (left to right): David Baker, Andrew Schuh, Rob Nelson, Chris O'Dell, Tommy Taylor, Igor Polonsky, Denis O'Brien and Tom Oda.