Status Update

June 6, 2008

A few quick updates on the radar simulator. We are working on a new version with several enhancements. The most important will be the ability to simulate radar reflectivity from models with two-moment microphysics, which is perhaps the most requested feature over the last few months. My colleague Kentaroh Suzuki has been working hard on this, and we expect to begin our own internal testing within the next two weeks. Several more speedups are also in the works, as are bug fixes from the previous version.

Farther down the road are two features that will provide large benefit to many users... inclusion of a multiple scattering parameterization (which is necessary for accurate simulation of precipitation and thick ice clouds for higher frequency radars, like CloudSat) and support for more realistic ice crystal habits (via the discrete dipole approximation). As we work on getting this new version out, please let me know of bugs you have found in the software so they can be fixed before the next release.

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