Radar Simulator
v 1.1a

QuickBeam is meteorological radar simulation software that produces profiles of radar reflectivity given input profiles of hydrometeor mixing ratios and ambient atmospheric conditions at any microwave frequency. Includes Mie lookup tables at selected frequencies for expedited operation.

Current Status: Available for download
Latest status update: June 6, 2008 (read)

An article describing the simulator appears in the November 2007 issue of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. You may use the following to reference the simulator in publications:

Haynes, J.M., R.T. Marchand, Z. Luo, A. Bodas-Salcedo, and G.L. Stephens, 2007: A multi-purpose radar simulation package: QuickBeam. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 88, 1723-1727.

System Requirements

  • To compile the code yourself: You will need a Fortran 90 compatible compiler, and the abililty to handle makefiles will make installation especially simple. Both requirements are easily met on most Linux systems, and can be met with a small amount of work on Windows systems.

  • For the less adventurous: Pre-compiled versions are also available for a variety of platforms.

Download the Simulator

  • Download and read the User's Guide.
  • Download the software and User's Guide together by filling in the fields in the following form and clicking 'download'. Supply a current email address to ensure you can be contacted regarding updates and changes (you may skip this step if you wish).
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  • If you have a non-x86, big-endian processor (Sun SPARC, Motorola, HP, PowerPC), you will want to download mie_table_b.dat.gz , gunzip it, and use it in place of the included mie_table.dat.

Contact Information

John Haynes

Phone: +61 3 9905 4466
Email: john.haynes {at} sci.monash.edu.au
School of Mathematical Sciences
Monash University / Building 28
Clayton VIC 3800, Australia